Voyage is a game done in collaboration with a consultant, whose expertise is corporate culture. His goal for this project was to help new employees 'feel at home' in their job as soon as possible after acquisitions. This game is the result of this collaboration.

I worked on Voyage as designer with a team of three artists, two developers and one other game designer. At first I was fully focused on challenging myself to create the most entertaining yet applicable tasks for the player. Later, when the design was mostly finished, I did the UI design, level design (greyboxing mostly), camera programming and a tiny bit of 3D modeling. I also made sure that everyone's ideas aligned by making one-pages and user scenarios to avoid misconceptions about the design pillars we set up together.

After months of iterating on different concepts, we agreed on a concept that required new employees to do tasks in their actual physical office as well as solve quests and riddles digitally. This way they had to engage with their coworkers and could analyze their own behaviour digitally afterwards. They had the ability to show their progress to their boss at all times as well. One of the core goals of our game required that no answer could be answered wrong. It was a personal game that rewarded personal commitment, and avoided punishment.

Concept Visualisations / User Interface Design

UI Design of the dashboard from concept (first image) to in-game (second image):

Level Design

We wanted the player to slowly move to the 'center' of the company they work at. I made the entire layout of the company so that it was a spiral to the middle, and it gets gradually prettier (rooms were grey but when you completed them they turned very colorful). The last level is a big courtyard in the center of the building.

In the screenshot below, the room below the arrow is the first level. You can see how the player has not completed the bottom left room because it is still greyed out.